Friday, December 17, 2010

"The Hole" and "Surviving Crooked Lake"

This movie wasn't bad. The acting is actually very good for amateur acting, and even though the characters aren't brain trusts, they're four scared thirteen year old girls, so what they do is believable, if not very smart. My only complaint with this one is the ending. It's literally like they ran out of money and decided to have the narrator tell us what happened over shots of nothing happening, because they ran out of money to actually shoot the ending. It was a cheap shot, and I would have been happier if they'd filmed enough to give us some closure and THEN had the narrator tell us what happened after that, but as it is, the ending feels like a cop out. but the rest of the movie is surprisingly good even though you kind of want to reach through the screen and smack these girls. I remember being thirteen, so I think I probably would have done what they did in that situation (and even if I wouldn't have, I do understand why they did's not like anyone is completely logical all the time now, let alone when they were thirteen).

I had the poster for this movie hanging on my wall when I lived in my first house after graduating college, but I haven't actually seen it until now. It's not bad. Now I've seen movies like "Cry Wolf" and "High Tension," so I know better than to trust anything I see until I see the movie all the way through, so the ending didn't come as a surprise as much it might have if I'd watched it back when it first came out, but it's still a good little movie. The acting is good all around here, so there's no complaints there. I'd probably like this movie better if I were eighteen though. I'm getting too old now. :-p

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