Friday, September 25, 2009

100 Horror Movies in October

Hello all. This year, I'm intending to try to watch 100 horror movies (possibly more, but 100 is the goal) throughout the month of October. This is all part of a yearly challenge at the DVD Talk message boards, which you can read more about here: 100 Movies, 31 Days, the 5th Annual October Horror Movie Challenge

Last year I got so sick that I missed out and only watched like, 33 movies. This year I intend to try and watch the full 100 (or more, but probably not). What's more, to keep up with my progress and make sure I meet my goal, I intend to do a short write up in this journal about every movie I watch. These will NOT be full reviews. If I give a movie a full review, it will end up here at Cinema Crazed with all my real reviews. Don't expect more than some snarky commentary here in this journal. I have to do 100 of these write ups after all, some of them are bound to be short. I mean, how much can I really say about "Happy Hell Night"? I guess we'll find out. I'll try to make the comments entertaining, though. I'm not sure if anyone reads this blog or not, but since it details my journey of understanding how faith and sexuality and popular culture intersect in my life, and horror movies have always been a big part of that, I figured anyone who reads this would want to take the journey with me this October. I hope it's a fun ride for all of us.

My DVD Talk List is going to be here: Edwardnortonfan's October Horror Movie Challenge List if you want to check it out. I tried to make it look all pretty and cool, and I'm sure I'll add some more bells and whistles as the month progresses. Anyone who wants to join me and try to see how many movies they rack up is welcome, even if you only plan to watch a few...I'm sure we'll have some fun discussions throughout the month. Happy Halloween, everyone (in my world, it's ALWAYS Halloween).

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